Welcome to the website for Circle Tree Owners Association. We are located in Mesa, Arizona close to Mesa Community College, Banner Desert Medical Center, Fiesta Mall and seconds away from Interstate 60. Circle Tree is a diverse gated community and is a part of Mesa's Crime Free Community. Circle Tree is a pet friendly community, accepting 1 domestic pet up to 20 lbs. We have many amenities including swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, handball courts, basketball courts, and club house. Office hours are Monday-Thursday 10AM-3 PM and Friday 10AM-6PM Circle Tree Owners Association 461 W Holmes Ave Mesa, Arizona 85210 Office: 480-655-0311 Fax: 480-655-8524 Email:Circletreeoffice@yahoo.com


2015 Board Meeting Schedule
2015 Board Meeting SchedulePlease find the 2015 Board Meeting Schedule below. All meetings are held @ 6:30 PM in the Community Clubhouse. February 17, 2015 (Annual Meeting) - April 21, 2015 ***CHANGED TO APRIL 23, 2015*** - June 16, 2015 - August 18, 2015 - October 20, 2015 - December 15, 2015.

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 PaymentsCircle Tree Owners Association
PO BOX 5720 • MESA, AZ 85211-5720
P: (480) 649-2017 • F: (480) 649-0902

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Emergency Line
Emergency LineIf you experience a fire, flood, roof leak or have a true emergency that may cause damage to other units please call (480) 788-7658. As each unit is individually owned this line is not to be used for reporting maintenance issues in your unit such as Air-conditioning and appliance problems etc.
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CIRCLE TREE CONDOMINIUMS SATTELITE DISH OR INTERNET SATELITTE DISHAll satellite dishes are to be installed on the roof of the buildings and are not to be visible from the street. No dishes are ever to be attached to balconies or sides of building walls. Dish providers must tripod your dish on the roof, there is to be no roof penetration. Dish’s are never to be mounted on parapet walls nor shall cable(s) be attached to any walkway, walkway ceiling or stairwells. Please download the required Dish Install Form in the download section.
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Onsite Office
Onsite OfficePlease visit our onsite office if you need parking permits, pool passes, gate keys, mailbox locks Clubhouse Rental or need to turn in tenant paperwork. Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm and Fridays from 10am-6pm.
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Parking By Permit Only
Parking By Permit OnlyAs a reminder our community parking is by permit only. All vehicles, including guest vehicles must display a valid Circle Tree parking or visitor permit.

Cost for resident parking permits and visitor parking permits are $ 1.00 each. Resident parking permits will be limited to the number of registered vehicles owned by the occupants of the unit. Please bring exact amount of cash or pay by check or money order, we do not accept credit cards.

Please Note: Any vehicle found parked in a reserve space, fire lane or unauthorized space is subject to towing at the owners expense.
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Pet Stations
Pet StationsPets are not allowed to be walked in the courtyards or lawns. Pet owners are required to walk their animals to the designated pet stations. Please clean up after your pet immediately.

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SecuritySignal 88 Security patrols our property throughout the night.

For noise complaints after 10:00 PM please call: Signal 88 Security Dispatch (623) 879-1128
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Emergency Line
If you should experience a true emergency such as a fire or flood please call the After Hours Emergency Line (480) 788-7658. This number is only to be used for true emergencies.
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Leasing Your Unit?
Leasing Your Unit?If you are renting your unit out at Circle Tree to family members or others, the Association requests the following prior to tenants move in date.

1. Signed Crime Free Lease Addendum
2. Copy of the Lease
3. Photo ID’s for all adult occupants of the unit
4. Completed Registration form
5. Vehicle Registration
6. Criminal background check for all adult occupants of the unit

RENTAL AND OWNER OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS: (Please see the First Amendment(s) to the CC&R'S)

1) The Association prohibits the occupancy and/or residency of any level two or level three sex offender(s) who are required to be registered pursuant to A.R.S. section 13-3821 and who are classified as level two or level three offenders, and regardless if they own, rent, lease or share/room their unit with such offender. In other words, all level two and level three sex offenders are strictly prohibited from ever occupying any Unit within the Association.Owners are required to perform reliable background checks on all tenants. Owners must provide enough information to affect a criminal background check before occupying a Unit in the Association.

2) The Association prohibits the occupancy and/or residency of any convicted felon(s) whose conviction(s) are less than 7 years and regardless if they own, rent, lease or share/room their unit with such felon. In other words, no convicted felons whose convictions are less than 7 years old shall ever occupy any Unit within the Association.

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