After Hours (Emergency Only)
After Hours (Emergency Only)If you have a flood or fire you may contact the on-call maintenance staff at (480) 788-7658. If you have a fire, medical or police emergency dial 911 before calling the HOA after hours line. The Circle Tree maintenance staff does NOT make repairs to units. If you are renting your unit you must call your landlord or their management company for repairs or emergency maintenance issues. Main water shutoff valves are located in the water heater closets behind the water heater.


Below are two plumbing companies that preform emergency plumbing repairs 24/7 365 days a year. Circle Tree does not recommend or endorse these companies, but they are available for emergencies and have helped other homeowners in the community.

Bryant's Plumbing (602) 754-3809
Ezra's Plumbing (602) 348-2271

The after hours line is not to be used for parking complaints, noise complaints or anything that isn't a true emergency.
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Leasing Your Unit?
Leasing Your Unit?If you are renting your unit out at Circle Tree to family members or others, the Association requests the following prior to tenants move in date.

1. Signed Crime Free Lease Addendum
2. Copy of the Lease
3. Photo ID’s for all adult occupants of the unit
4. Completed Registration form
5. Vehicle Registration
6. Criminal background check for all adult occupants of the unit

RENTAL AND OWNER OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS: (Please see the First Amendment(s) to the CC&R'S)

1) The Association prohibits the occupancy and/or residency of any level two or level three sex offender(s) who are required to be registered pursuant to A.R.S. section 13-3821 and who are classified as level two or level three offenders, and regardless if they own, rent, lease or share/room their unit with such offender. In other words, all level two and level three sex offenders are strictly prohibited from ever occupying any Unit within the Association.Owners are required to perform reliable background checks on all tenants. Owners must provide enough information to affect a criminal background check before occupying a Unit in the Association.

2) The Association prohibits the occupancy and/or residency of any convicted felon(s) whose conviction(s) are less than 7 years and regardless if they own, rent, lease or share/room their unit with such felon. In other words, no convicted felons whose convictions are less than 7 years old shall ever occupy any Unit within the Association.

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Lease the Clubhouse for Private Parties
Lease the Clubhouse for Private PartiesAre you having a baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower, business meeting, or any other event and need a place to host it? The Circle Tree Clubhouse is available to rent to private parties to all home owners of the Circle Tree Owners Association that are current on their HOA fees. Tenants need the owner of the unit’s permission in order to rent the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is available to rent for a fee of $75 and there is a $50 cleaning deposit required, which is refundable if everything is cleaned and put back to the original condition. There are approximately 6 folding tables and 30 chairs available for use at no extra charge. However, any damage to the Clubhouse or furniture is the responsibility of the owner and will be billed back to the unit.

The Clubhouse availability is limited and requires advance notice. It is available during the weekdays; however the management will need access to the office during normal business hours. The rental use is 12 hours and must be cleaned within that time frame. All parties must end by 10:00pm and you may stay afterward in order to clean. Please be advised, that fines may be issued for any violations of the Circle Tree Rules and Regulations.

For more pictures of the Clubhouse, see the Photo Gallery on this site
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Swimming Pool Safety and Children
Swimming Pool Safety and ChildrenSummer is here and lots of resident’s including their children will be enjoying the swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s here at Circle Tree. The Rules, Grievance and Security Committee would like to take the opportunity to remind its residence about pool safety and children.

• Never leave your children alone in or near the pool, not even for a moment. An adult should actively supervise children at all times.
• Do not use air-filled "swimming aids" as a substitute for approved life vests or supervision.
• Please make sure that pool gates are secure after you depart the swimming pool.
• Never bring glass bottles or anything made of glass into the pool areas.
• Report any malfunctions of pool gates and their locking mechanisms to the Circle Tree office immediately.
• Never prop pool gates open or obstruct any self locking pool gate mechanisms.
• Report any violations of pool safety to the Circle Tree office, committee member or Circle Tree staff member immediately.

Remember, teaching your child how to swim DOES NOT mean your child is safe in water. Safety begins with you; always keep a constant eye on your children when they are in, near or around the swimming pools.
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