After Hours (Emergency Only)

If you have a flood or fire you may contact the on-call maintenance staff at (480) 788-7658. If you have a fire, medical or police emergency dial 911 before calling the HOA after hours line. The Circle Tree maintenance staff does NOT make repairs to units. If you are renting your unit you must call your landlord or their management company for repairs or emergency maintenance issues. Main water shutoff valves are located in the water heater closets behind the water heater.


Below are two plumbing companies that preform emergency plumbing repairs 24/7 365 days a year. Circle Tree does not recommend or endorse these companies, but they are available for emergencies and have helped other homeowners in the community.

Bryant’s Plumbing (602) 754-3809
Ezra’s Plumbing (602) 348-2271

The after hours line is not to be used for parking complaints, noise complaints or anything that isn’t a true emergency.

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