Swimming Pool Safety

Summer is here and lots of residents including their children will be enjoying the swimming pools and Jacuzzis here at Circle Tree. The Rules, Grievance and Security Committee would like to take the opportunity to remind its residence about pool safety and children

Do not use air-filled “swimming aids” as a substitute for approved life vests or supervision.

Please make sure that pool gates are secure after you depart the swimming pool.

Never bring glass bottles or anything made of glass into the pool areas.

Report any malfunctions of pool gates and their locking mechanisms to the Circle Tree office immediately.

Never prop pool gates open or obstruct any self locking pool gate mechanisms.

Report any violations of pool safety to the Circle Tree office, committee member or Circle Tree staff member immediately.

´╗┐Remember, teaching your child how to swim DOES NOT mean your child is safe in water. Safety begins with you; always keep a constant eye on your children when they are in, near or around the swimming pools.

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