Payments Via Preferred Communities

Mailing Payments:  When mailing payments, detach the coupon from the statement and mail it with your check/money order. Please make all payments payable to CIRCLE TREE OWNERS ASSOCIATION and not to Preferred Communities.  Mail all payments to: Circle Tree Owners Association c/o Preferred Communities, PO Box 65493, Phoenix AZ 85082-5493.  It is important that you include your account number on your check/money order to ensure proper and timely posting.  All payments are posted as of the date received.  We do not accept post-dated checks and will not be held responsible for the processing of such.

Special Delivery Mail:  For express, overnight delivery or certified mail, please send your payment to Preferred Communities, 1134 E University Dr Ste 114, Mesa AZ 85203.

For online payments: Please go to: If you need to obtain your account number, Management ID or Community ID number, please email [email protected] or call Preferred Communities (480) 649-2017

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